Portland-Westside Rotary Foundation sponsors 2 ShelterBox® for the Philippines

shelter_rotary logoOn Monday, November 11, club foundation members voted to donate $1,000 to Rotary International’s partner ShelterBox USA in the wake of the super-sized, super devastating Typhoon Haiyan that struck the island nation last week.

The shelter boxes come complete with tent, blankets, cooking utensils (including a stove),  water purification and storage system and items needed that are particular to the region they are sent.

Partnering with District 5100, the club’s contribution will be matched by the district 1:1, which means 2 boxes bearing the name of our ‘small but mighty clubwill be loaded on the next available transport to help families devastated by this terrible storm.

About Rotary Club of Portland-Westside

Part of Rotary International's District 5100 which serves Northern Oregon from Idaho to the Pacific and parts of SW Washington. Our "small but mighty" club serves the Aloha-Reedville area in Washington County, Oregon between Hillsboro and Beaverton.
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3 Responses to Portland-Westside Rotary Foundation sponsors 2 ShelterBox® for the Philippines

  1. Michelle Raynor says:

    Hello, I am in search of a local toy drive to add my ten year old son to and am contacting you because The Rotary Club-Westide has been listed as a possible participant on the KGW Toy Drive Page? Any assistance with information would be most appreciated, perhaps, outside resources??

    Thank you!

    Michelle Raynor

    • Hello Michelle,
      We would most certainly like to accommodate your son in our toy drive. Please provide us more information via our email address. IT might be more secure.
      Address, name, etc. We’ll be making delivery on the 21st if December.

      Yours in Rotary Service,
      Hal Ballard
      RC Portland-Westside

  2. It’s always good to hear of people buying a ShelterBox.:)

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